Testimonies from NYC

Last Saturday night at the Times Square Radiance House of Prayer in New York City, we witnessed several different ways in which the love of the Father goes forth to heal the sick through ordinary believers. For one of these, I asked for two volunteers who were friends, and who had cell phones so they could text each other. I sent one of them out of the room to wait, until her friend (shown on the left) texted her from inside the room to begin praying for another woman (shown on the right) who had pain in her body. After the woman in the hallway prayed for the woman she could not see, she texted her friend in the room that she had finished praying. The woman with pain checked her body and had significant improvement! So, the friend in the room texted her friend in the hallway again to pray some more, and this time the woman with pain was completely delivered of that pain! The “hallway” woman thus convinced all of us that we are not limited when praying “in absentia” for someone – the prayer of healing command can be effective even when it can’t be heard by the person being healed! [See Matthew 8:5-13]

Australian Tour Testimonies- Bundaberg Australia

At Friday night’s healing service in Bundaberg, Australia, the congregation witnessed a variety of ways in which the Lord provided strong support to “emerging” healing ministers. A woman volunteer who had never seen an instant healing for those she prayed for was encouraged to command healing of another woman volunteer who had severe pain in several places in her body. Pain began leaving her body, and after some repeated commands by the “healing minister” all the pain was gone! The rest of the congregation was strongly encouraged by witnessing this miracle, and their belief resulted in the healing of many in their midst, through anointed handkerchiefs (a la Paul in Acts, Chapter 19), walk-by healing (a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5), release of rivers of healing water (the Holy Spirit) [John 7:38-39] on their neighbors, and much more! Nearly all those present were powerfully touched by the healing compassion of Jesus, and most were completely delivered of pain! Praise the Lord for his encouragement and activation of these precious saints. There is now a healing army in Bundaberg!

Man’s Sight Restored- Kenya 2017

Now he can see!

After I finished preaching on “Exceptional Excitement – The Power of the Testimony” at the Sunday morning service (Feb 19) at Glory Mission Centre in Dandora (Nairobi, Kenya), I was relaxing in the office of FTAF Apostle Benson Kiunjuri, enjoying a simple lunch and some chai (tea). After a few minutes of “winding down” after this “last” ministry activity on this trip to Kenya, I found out I wasn’t actually finished.

Pastor Elihud brought to the office a friend named Richard, whose vision was so severely impaired that he had not been able to see more than 3 or 4 inches in front of his face, for over 20 years!

Apostle Kiunjuri “informed” me that I wasn’t done with ministry that day, and I whole-heartedly agreed! The compassion of Jesus welled up in all of us as we prayed for healing of Richard’s eyes. The power of that compassion improved his vision so much, that he was able to see the clock on the wall, and the hands on the clock, something he could not do when he first came into the office. He correctly identified several objects and their colors, and was able to accurately discern the number of fingers Apostle Kiunjuri held up to test his vision.

Joy filled the office and the Joyful One rejoiced with us, because His compassion has once more paved the way for changing a blind man’s life forever! Bwana asifiwe (Lord be praised)!

I was now able to finish my chai and head to dinner and the airport for the safari home, although I’m not sure I needed the plane to fly!